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I focus on creating value for professionals in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence through well-curated content emphasizing actionable insights in different areas so you can get to the next step in your career.

Here, you will find things such as:

  • Career Guidance focused on Data and ML-related roles, from getting your first opportunity to managing large teams.

  • Project-oriented tips, in which I deep dive into a case study highlighting the best and worst decisions based on experience.

  • News: On a ~monthly basis, curated content on the hottest topics in the field.

  • Study Guides: Palatable introductions to important and newest technical aspects [Such as Transformers, Causal Inference, and more], with tips on how to get more in-depth from people working with those.

  • Bonus: Interviews, Q&As, Market Analysis, and more.

Currently, paid subscriptions are frozen, and I’m working on additional benefits for premium subscribers.

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